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"Give us just 15 minutes per week and our fitness and healthy living experts will give you invaluable advice based on their years of training...Free! From physical activity myths demystified, to easy weight loss tips, to eating healthy on a budget, to core training exercises, and real age tests, we will provide you with access to 5 FREE Healthy Living reports."

Dr. Sheri Colberg, PhD
Executive Director of the Lifelong Exercise Institute

You'll Discover...

Secrets to Lasting Weight LossThe Secrets to Successful and Lasting Weight Loss. By following these proven, simple strategies, you can lose weight easily and keep it off for good this time -- and you’ll never need to go on a diet again.


10 Exercises for a Strong CoreHow to get a strong core using these 10 Easy Core Exercises. A simple illustrated guide with instructions leads you through 10 exercises that you can do at home without any special equipment. The key to doing what you want to is having strong core muscles.


Healthy Eating on a BudgetTop 15 Tips to Eat Healthy on a Budget. Proven strategies showing how you can eat nutritious foods that boost your health and that taste great! -- and still have money left in your pocket at the end of the day


Physical Activity Myths DemystifiedTop 10 Physical Activity Myths Demystified. Knowledge is power when it comes to exercising effectively and safely to get fit or lose weight, but you have to get around all the misinformation to understand what you really need to be doing.


How Old Are You Really?Simple biomarkers to find out How Old Are You Really? Did you know that breathing capacity and reaction time both indicate your true, biological age?
Find out what else you can use to easily test and improve it.


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