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Author of Books Exercise Diabetes | Dr. Sheri Colberg-Ochs

Information Videos

Watch a series of nine videos recorded by Diabetes in Control with Dr. Sheri talking about appropriate exercise and other physical activity concerns for patients with diabetes.

"TuDiabetes.com" Videochat

Answered viewers’ questions during one-hour web videochat (UStreamed) about diabetes and exercise for TuDiabetes.com.

"dLife" TV Show (on CNBC)

Interview with Jim Turner, living 38 years with diabetes, Robert J. Stewart (age 96), who has had diabetes for over 60 years, and Dr. Sheri Colberg (43+ years with diabetes).

Taking Control of Your Diabetes: A Practical Approach to Exercising For Life with Diabetes

Host Dr. Steven Edelman talks with guests, Sheri Colberg, PhD, and Larry Verity, PhD, on the importance of exercise for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Sheri Interview by Insulite Laboratories Host

Dr. Sheri Colberg talks with host, George Moore, about an unique exercise program, explaining how people can succeed using her program (offered on her web site and Insulite Laboratories) when they may fail at other traditional programs. Exercise as medicine will help you feel good, better manage diabetes and reverse insulin resistance.

LEI "Fit Brain, Fit Body!" Programs Introductory Video

LEI Executive Director, Dr. Sheri Colberg, gives an overview of the "Fit Brain, Fit Body!" Fitness and Lifestyle Programs offered through the Lifelong Exercise Institute, which includes some programs specific for people with diabetes as well.

Dr. Sheri Colberg on DiabetesHealth.com

Diabetes Health host Scott King talks with Sheri Colberg, PhD, about exercise, living long and well, and other diabetes-related topics.

"The 700 Club" with Pat Robertson

Host Pat Robertson talks with Dr. Sheri Colberg about strategies to prevent and manage type 2 diabetes in youth (2006).

"Living the Life"

Dr. Sheri Colberg talks with show co-hosts about how to keep kids free of type 2 diabetes and gives tips for packing a healthy school lunch for your kids (2005).

Assorted Diabetes-Related Interviews (2000-2009)

Watch a compilation of many of Dr. Sheri Colberg's diabetes-related TV interviews and related news stories.

Univadis Medical inteview of Dr. Sheri Colberg about "Effects of Exercise on Insulin Resistance"

Dr. Sheri Colberg discusses the content of her lecture, "Effects of Exercise on Insulin Resistance," given as part of an "Exercise as Medicine" symposium at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions in June 2009

"dLife" TV Show (on CNBC)

Beware the rope jumping co-host in this segment of dLife--For Your Diabetes Life--Season 1. Dr. Sheri Colberg does NOT suggest that most people with type 2 diabetes jump rope for exercise!!

Assorted Fitness-Related Interviews (2000-2009)

Watch three of Dr. Sheri Colberg's fitness-related interviews, covering a variety of topics including exercise with babies in snuglies, the 4-minute gym craze, and the FDA's recall of HydroxyCut weight loss supplement.

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