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A Latino's guide to living well with diabetes: healthy fruit bowl

Diabetes? No Problema!

A Latino's Guide to Living Well with Diabetes
Da Capo Press Lifelong Books, 2009

Foreword by Latina celebrity Chef LaLa,

Diabetes? No Problema! is the ultimate guide to diabetes management and prevention for everyone with a Latino/Hispanic heritage, regardless of your unique ethnic background. The foreword is written by Latina diabetes activist and celebrity, Chef LaLa, known for her delicious and healthy Latino recipes and cookbooks and for acting as a diabetes advocate within the Latino community. Hopefully, supreme court nominee Sonia Sotomayor can advocate for the diabetic Latinos as well, particularly since she herself has been dealing successfully with type 1 diabetes since the age of eight.

Unfortunately, all Latinos share an increased incidence of diabetes regardless of their ethnic mix, and diabetes complications like heart disease, vision loss, and nerve damage often occur at an earlier age. Does that mean the situation is hopeless if you're Latino? Absolutely not. In this book you will hear stories of Latinos around the world who are living well with diabetes, like Gloria Rodriguez from Washington, D.C. (originally from Puerto Rico), Manny Hernandez (type 1 diabetic founder of a Latino diabetes social network, TuDiabetes.com), Maria de los Angeles Martinez de Pozos from Mexico, Gladys Rojas de Chacin from Venezuela, and many other Latinos with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Co-written by Dr. Sheri Colberg, a diabetes specialist with a PhD in exercise physiology and Mexican-born diabetes physician and researcher, Leonel Villa-Caballero, MD, PhD, who is also the director of the Latino initiative of “Taking Control of Your Diabetes” (www.tcoyd.org) based in San Diego, California, this book teaches Latinos everything they need to know to take on diabetes and live la vida buena despite having diabetes, or simply how to prevent getting this disease in the first place.

Fighting this insidious disease is going to only result from greater awareness and education about diabetes spread person to person, community to community. Doing it Latino-style is also likely going to involve a collective change in the Hispanic community’s responses to diabetes care and education. Without intervention and a concerted effort, all the diabetes-related management tools in the world aren’t going to make a difference or keep diabetes from negatively impacting the lives of many Latinos. WIth this book, you have access to all the knowledge that you need to make it happen. After reading this book, you will truly say, "I have diabetes? No problema!"

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Latinos Need to Take on the Diabetes Problema Now
Chapter 1: Living La Vida Buena with Diabetes in a Latino Culture
Chapter 2: Body Fat, Fitness, and Diabetes
Chapter 3: Going Beyond the Latino Diet
Chapter 4: Choosing Supplements Wisely
Chapter 5: Moving More for Your Body, Heart, and Mind
Chapter 6: Learning How to Exercise Safely and Effectively
Chapter 7: Treating Your Diabetes Right: Monitoring and Medications
Chapter 8: Controlling Stress, Depression, and Your Emotions
Chapter 9: Limiting Diabetes-Related Health Problems
Chapter 10: Staying on the Road to Good Health
Conclusion: Taking on Diabetes…and Winning

Appendix A: Important Web Sites for Diabetic (and Pre-Diabetic) Latinos
Appendix B: Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load of Common Foods

Reviews of Diabetes? No Problema!:

"Explains diabetes in a way that anyone raised in a Latino household can relate to.... Reading this book and applying its wisdom will bring us one step closer to a long and healthy life."
Manny Hernandez, president of the Diabetes Hands Foundation

To read a full review of this book by Manny Hernandez, visit TuDiabetes.com.

To purchase a copy of this book, click here for links to booksellers.

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